This is a TENTATIVE list of the mandatory and recommended gear for the course. The list is subject to change and will notify athletes and support of any changes via email and social media.

Because this event a self-supported extreme triathlon there is equipment that is mandatory for ALL ATHLETES AND SUPPORT. The equipment listed here will be checked at packet pickup to ensure you have all the required equipment. 

Each section is broken down into two subsections; one for absolutely mandatory equipment that will be verified and recommend equipment based on our experience producing and participating in extreme events. 

Mandatory swim gear - Athlete

  • Neoprene Wetsuit - Full Length (must go all the way to wrists, ankles, and neck)

  • Neoprene Swim Cap

  • Neoprene Socks/Booties (non-webbed)

  • Goggles 

"Recommended" swim gear - Athlete

  • Neoprene Gloves (non-webbed & only allowed at 12°C or under)

  • Vaseline or Aquafor on exposed skin

  • Earplugs

  • Tinted and clear pair of swim goggles for choice based on conditions on event morning

Mandatory BIke gear - Athlete

  • CEN (European) or US-CPSC (US) inspected/stickered helmet

  • Sunglasses or helmet face shield (tinted or clear)

  • Bright (neon green, orange, pink) + reflective cycling jersey, vest, or jacket. Must be worn over all other clothing at all times.

  • Solid white front light, on and visible for the entire bike

  • Blinking red back light, on and visible for the entire bike

  • Flat changing kit, capable of changing multiple flats

  • Sufficient nutrition/hydration for the first and last 40-50k (25-31 miles)

  • Cell phone (charged with RaceJoy app enabled)

  • Basic first aid kit (may be carried by support vehicle)

"Recommended" BIKE gear - Athlete or support

  • Extra bike lights and/or replacement batteries

  • Extra flat changing supplies (if support can carry a tire pump, even better)

  • Extra nutrition and hydration

  • Comprehensive large first aid kit

  • Comprehensive tool kit

  • External battery with charging cable for phone

  • Toilet paper

  • Road ID bracelet or anklet (worn by athlete)

  • GPS bike computer or wristwatch (worn by athlete)

  • Water resistant jacket or thermal base layer

  • Gloves

  • Arm warmers

  • Leg warmers or tights

  • Shoe covers and/or toe covers

  • Extra socks

Mandatory Run gear - Athlete & SUPPORT (entire run)

The support runner will be running the entire course with the athlete and must have identical gear in the run pack at all times.

  • Camelback or something similar to carry all gear/hydration/nutrition listed below

  • Cell phone (charged/charging) with RaceJoy app enabled and a compass app installed

  • Small external battery and cord for cell phone

  • Lightweight, water resistant jacket and/or long sleeve thermal base layer

  • Hat, visor, or anything to cover your head. This can also be a beanie.

  • Running gloves (these don’t have to be thick or heavy, just something to cover your hands)

  • Small first aid kit

  • Whistle & compass (compass app on your phone will work)

  • Sunglasses (tinted or clear) to protect eyes from potentially high winds that produce flying debris.

"Recommended" RUN gear - Athlete or support

  • Trekking poles. You will be either going up or down a mountain for nearly the entire course.

  • Trail shoes. There is only about 5 km of the entire run that is paved, the rest will be on gravel or rocky roads.

  • Sunglasses are required but we recommend carrying a pair of ski goggles with you incase of high wind. It will fully protect your eyes from debris and the wind in general.

  • Toilet paper

  • Sunscreen

  • Extra socks

  • Arm warmers

  • Leg warmer or tights