Get your bike to Iceland safety with one of the following two choices. 



SHIP YOUR BIKE - Take your bike to a local bike shop (near you) and have them prepare and pack your bike for shipment to a bike shop in Reykjavik Iceland. In the coming months we will be recommending a bike shop in Iceland.

Be sure to time this right and give their mechanics 5-7 days between when they get your bike and when you arrive, as they may be busy with other bikes. It's normal, when you ship your bike, to ship it out 10-14 days before you will arrive to pick it up. Be sure you have an extra bike at home to ride during that time if you chose this option. If planned properly this option is affordable and convenient knowing qualified mechanics have received and assembled your bike prior to the event. The same process (in reverse) would have to be performed after the event. Keep in mind you will have to pickup your bike when you get into Reykjavik before your make your way up to the peninsula.

Bike Shop Contact Info Coming Soon

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FLY YOUR BIKE - Book your flight, rent or buy a bike bag or box, and fly with your bike. For this option to be viable you will need your own bike bag (we recommend getting a good one, probably hardshell), the ability to at least take your pedals and headset off (most models require this) and put them back on when you get to Iceland. You can certainly go to a local shop where you live and have them prep the bike and put it in the bike bag and do the same to assemble it when you get to Iceland. This option usually costs $100-$300 each way in addition to your normal airline ticket (cost depends on airline, could be more) depending on which airline and flight you take. There's also risk of damaging your bike during the flight. It's not common but it does happen so we recommend taking out some type of bike insurance before you travel to be safe.


It is each athlete's individual responsibility to get their bike to and from Ísland Extreme Triathlon in working and safe order and maintain/fix it while on the bike course. We will not transport or be responsible for bikes in any way, at any time. We will be inspecting each bike in the morning as they enter transition and securing them until the swim cutoff at 6:20am (or whenever you claim it to start your ride). Beyond that your bike is in your hands, and the hands of your support crew. Upon entering T1, If your bike is deemed to be unsafe and cannot be easily fixed, you will not be able to compete. Iceland is a remote location and getting qualified mechanics to drive over 2-3 hours to work on bikes is not easy. We will do what we can but remember that that is just another part of what makes this an "extreme" triathlon. Each athlete and their support must be responsible for themselves and reaching that finish line.